Switch Board Matting

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Notrax Switch Board Mats

Switchboard matting insulates workers to prevent electrical shock. High-profile top surface enhances traction. Rib design facilitates repetitive pivotal movement. Each square foot is tested in conformance with ANSI/ASTM D178-01 specifications. Made in USA.Tested Class 2 Max Voltage 20,000 volts. Available in 3ft x 5ft mats and other dimensions as well.

SALISBURY Switchboard Matting

Switchboards matting 17,000V to insulate workers from ground Switchboard Matting is placed permanently in front of switchgear, motor control centers and other high voltage apparatus to provide an additional level of protection surface acts as a safety tread while reducing the possibility of metal particles becoming embedded. Class 2 switchboard matting is made in 25 yard rolls. Also available in Class 4 rated 36,000 volts maximum capacity.

Sofamel Insulating Mats

Rubber Base: natural rubber SBR Specific weight: 1.56 g/cm3 Hardness: 70 Shore A Tensile Strength: 70 Kg/cm2 Elongation at break: 350% Resistance to tearing: 25 Kg/cm2 Resistance to abrasion: 200 mm3 Temperature Field: -25 °C / +70 °C Thermal air Ageing: 70 C/70h values: Hardness Inc. Sha 5% -5 Cargo Inc., Inc. Elong 20% Deformation: 70% Def 22 h values. Max. 50 Chemical resistance: Ozone- Moderate, Acids and Bases diluted-Moderate, Acids and Bases concentrates-not recommended, Hydrocarbon-not recommended and Organic solvents-not recommended. According to IEC 61111.